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Working with other Software  

At the moment 'Working with other Software' is more in the pipeline stage - however it may be interesting outlining how TaskBlaster can cohabit with other applications.


The aim of Taskblaster is to reduce and co-ordinate the amount of Emails flying about.

At the moment TaskBlaster is independent of EMail and cut and paste is the best and only way of transferring information.

However it would be great to provide some Email functionality such as automatic email notification when for example some task information changes or a task has been assigned to you. Also it would be great to be able to cc: taskblaster and taskblaster could automatically store a copy of the EMail.

Whilst this functionality would be great - it could end up increasing Email traffic - which is why the development of this phase has been left for careful consideration for now.


The advantage of storing the Task information in text format within the notepads is that it is a central point for all queries.

However there is a need to be able to refer to documents - such as formal documentation , screen dump of error messages , spreadsheets etc.  which need to be incorporated in Task Blaster. It would be very easy to provide a link in Taskblaster that points to where the document can be found - either across the web or an intranet. However should that link change TaskBlaster would need to be informed.

Alternatively TaskBlaster could try and manage all attached documents to one or several tasks - which is the best solution but requires more development and is a project in itself..

This is currently under review and planned for the next release of Task Blaster.

Microsoft Products

At the moment it is possible to cut and paste for information for single tasks - though this would be tedious for many tasks.

Plans are underway to develop import and export functionality for TaskBlaster. Of particular importance is the ability to link up with Project 2000.

Accounting , Distribution, Manufacturing Applications , CRM, etc..

There are numerous applications that would thrive on the TaskBlaster information. For example customer comments for a CRM package or purchase memo information for a Distribution package. Generic import and export routines are currently under investigation.

Progress Applications

As TaskBlaster is developed in Progress RDBMS/Webspeed it would be very easy to embed or combine TaskBlaster with any applications already developed with PROGRESS.

Calender / Agenda 

The aim is to allow TaskBlaster to hold calender / agenda type information and allow simple manipulation of this information. This information can be linked to tasks if necessary. For example 3.30 pm meeting with John Smith can be an Agenda Task and have other tasks ( e.g: prepare overhead projector ) linked to it.

There are many excellent products about that handle calender/agenda information - many are web based and many on small devices such as palm tops and mobile phones. It would be advantageous to provide links to these products.


Html is not an ideal medium for generating reports. Currently reports are generated into html and a print button provided in the html. The user has to ensure the orientation is correctly setup in the browser print options. Also generating html if fine for smaller reports ( under 70 pages ??? ) - but could take a long time to down load for excessively long reports.

For these reasons only sample reports have been developed - and I am keeping an eye out for another method that corporate style reports may be printed.  This could involve the use of other software applications or even XML.