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About the TaskBlaster Project  

Ever wished you could find a software tool that keeps everyone in the loop :-)

Well after 20 years working within the information technology sector I eventually got round to developing my ideal software tool. My experience is based working with hi tech bellweathers such as Sun Microsystems - though I've worked with most sized companies and industries.

The software development language I prefer comes from a 'lesser' known company called PROGRESS Software Corporation. PROGRESS have been providing cutting edge technologies in 4GL and RDBMS ( Database stuff ) for the last 20 years. Their latest version 9 product and their internet product Webspeed are what convinced me to invest time and money into developing the TaskBlaster project. If theres a better product I'd love to hear about it.

TaskBlaster Project Status

First stage of development is complete and is now ready for Beta.

About 7 months have been used to develop TaskBlaster - so far. Infact for proof of concept - TaskBlaster has been used to help with its own development. And I'm pleased to say it has actually helped me and saved me a lot of time. TaskBlaster has proved particularly useful when looking up how a bug was fixed or what development I should move on to next.

I was concerned about whether too much complexity would slow things down - so I have tested the TaskBlaster across the internet using the company that PROGRESS Software Australia recommends, ExpressApps, for hosting their applications. Again I was most pleasantly surprised at the quick refresh times. In Australia, mainly in shopping centers and hotels, there are internet machines known as 'web points' and I have tested TaskBlaster at various points in Australia from these web points.

Currently ( Jan '02 that is ) I am finishing off my marketing effort and hoping to find a sponsor or someone who will beta test TaskBlaster for me.  Alternatively it would be great to find someone who could host TaskBlaster as a joint commercial venture.

Anyone interested please contact me via

Ideally I believe the strength of TaskBlaster would be as a rented application and TaskBlaster has been developed with this in mind. However there is no reason why TaskBlaster can not be sold the same as any Webspeed application.

Geographically I am based in France or Australia - so ideally I would like to find commercial partners in Europe or Australia. Though I am open as to where I can start the ball rolling on this project.

Hope the TaskBlaster Project has been of interest ,

Derek Buckingham


Progress Software Corporation

Webspeed Internet product and Version 9 RDBMS

Dynamic Drive

Great Javascript Resource


Excellent Html Editor


Web Server


Image Editor